Windscreen Repairs & Replacement Preston

Windscreen Repairs & Replacement West Meadows A small chip or crack on your car′s windscreen can require a full-replacement if left unrepaired. If you are looking for car windscreen repairs near me in Preston, you can approach the team at Mr Windscreens for a quick solution. We hold 25 years of expertise in the auto glass industry and are able to work on vehicles of all makes and models, ranging from small family sedans through to commercial vehicles. Our services are available to our customers across Preston and the surrounding suburbs at the most competitive prices.

Our Working Process:

If your windscreen has a chip or crack, it can block your line of vision and compromise your safety on the road. Based on the size and position of the crack, the windscreen should either be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. When you schedule an appointment with our team, we will arrive at your location at a convenient time. Our windscreen specialists will thoroughly inspect the vehicle to have a look at the existing damages.

In case of small cracks, we will clean the damaged area and apply resin on to it. To ensure the structural integrity of the glass, the treated area is cured under UV light.

In case of substantial damage, we will remove all the windscreen components to gain access to the edges of the glass. Using a specialised tool, we will cut off the old windscreen and then carefully fit in the new windscreen. Following this, we will refit all the components and carry out a final inspection to ensure that the new windscreen is fully functional.

Here Are Some Of The Excellent Services We Offer:

Whether you have a damaged or cracked windscreen, call Mr. Windscreens at 03 9470 3038 for the cheapest windscreen replacement services. Eager to know our windscreen replacement cost? Fill in our online contact form for a free estimate.


Will I need to have my windscreen repaired or replaced?

A damaged windscreen can result in a loss of time and money, we understand these concerns and always try to repair your windscreen at a lower cost than having to get it replaced. Our technicians will assess the damaged windscreen and provide you with the recommended solution.

How long can I wait before getting my windscreen chip repaired?

We recommend having the damaged windscreen assessed as soon as you have spotted it, if you wait a chip can turn into a crack which can significantly affect your safety and the safety of others while driving.