Windscreen Scratch Repair

If you are cleaning wiper scratches, ice scraper scratches or graffiti scratches on your windscreen, side glasses, shop window, then Mr Windscreen can rectify it by following windscreen scratch repair procedure. A scratched or damaged windscreen is almost like a cosmetic issue. It has chances to obstruct your vision while driving and it can possibly deteriorate the windscreen and result in a crack. Some of the common reasons for windscreen scratches are arcs due to damaged hard objects and wiper blades slanting off the windscreen when driving.

Do not attempt to perform the windscreen scratch repair by yourself with an electric buffer or polish. This way, you can introduce more heat and micro scratches from the buffer and it can result in a crack in the screen. It is simple to undervalue the complexity of scratch and eliminating too much glass around can result in an effect called lensing. It will damage the entire windscreen. Approaching the expert is a safe option. We have experienced and skilled auto glaziers to evaluate the issue and suggest whether it is necessary to perform windscreen scratch repair services or you require a windscreen replacement.

Vehicle and car windscreen scratch repair services

Mr Windscreen offers cost-effective and round the clock service if the scratch on the windscreen in repairable. Our experienced technicians will carry out the windscreen scratch repair services without any delays. We have the necessary equipment, tools and experience to carry out this challenging task. If you do not have time to contact or cannot visit the repair center, you can make use of our mobile service. One of our experienced technicians will visit you at your workplace, your home or any location to perform the windscreen scratch repair services.

We are not only experienced in performing windscreen scratch repairs but also offer vehicle glass replacement or repair on rear or front door, vent and quarter glass and rear windows on a wide range of commercial and private vehicles too. If your coach, bus, caravan, motorhome, HGV, truck, LGV or van has scratched glass, technicians at Mr Windscreen would replace or repair it for you. We also offer services for agricultural and plant vehicles.

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Mr Windscreen Repair Services

Windscreen Chip Repairs

A chip can sometimes turn into a crack so it's always best to inspect and repair a chip quickly. Mr Windscreen's specialists can assess and fix your chipped windscreen quickly without burning a hole in your pocket.

Windscreen Crack Repairs

Cracked or broken windscreens generally cannot be repaired and usually require a replacement, contact our technicians to book in a windscreen replacement today!

Windscreen Scratch Repairs

With scratched windscreens depending on the degree of damage it may be necessary to replace the complete windscreen panel. Speak to one of our specialists today to find what you can do.